Porche GT3 RS – Easy View

Top Speed: 312 km/h
0 - 100 kmh time 3.2 sec
0 - 60 mph time 3.2 sec


In above picture you can clearly see width and total height of the car. Height of GT3 RS is 1297 mm and width is 1880 mm. When compared with ​Lamborghini Aventador this car is little bit smaller in width and few milometers taller.

In case you are wondering how long is latest Porche GT3 RS. Tatal length of the car is 4557mm. Which is higher than Lamborghini Huracán and less than Lamborghini Aventador. Wheelbase is 2456 mm. Wheelbase is less than both Huracán and Aventador.


porsche 911 gt3 rs exposed engine bay
Engine Layout: Rear
Displacement: 3,996 cm³
Power (kW): 383 kW
Power (hp): 520 PS
RPM point maximum power: 8,250 r/min
Max. torque: 470 Nm
RPM point maximum torque: 6,000 r/min
Maximum engine speed: 9,000 r/min

Exhaust System

Exhaust system of 911 GT3 RS has

  • 2 silencers
  • 2 catalytic converters
  • 1 rear silencer
  • 2 central tailpipes (titanium)

The large volume of the exhaust system reduces exhaust backpressure and increases power output. In response to data provided by two Lambda sensors, the stereo Lambda control circuits regulate the composition of the exhaust gas separately in each exhaust tract. Another pair of sensors monitor pollutant conversion in the respective catalytic converters.



  • Standard brakes .
    • discs are 380mm in diameter front and rear.
    • six piston aluminium brake calipers on front axle and four piston at the rear.
  • Porche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB)
    • Discs are 410mm in diameter front and 390mm at rear.
    • six piston aluminium monobloc fixed brake calipers on front axle and four piston units at the rear.
    • 50% liter than standard Discs.
    • Shoter braking distance.

Side Impact Protection System (POSIP)

  • POSIP is a standard option.
  • Contain full size driver and passenger air bags
  • Those air bags inflated in two stages depend on accident severity.

Clubsport Package

  • Available at no extra cost
  • Provide additional protection to race track
  • It comprises a roll cage with paint finish in black or Lizard Green bolted to the bodywork and a six-point racing harness supplied ready to install for the driver including two shoulder belt designs for use with or without HANS safety device (Head And Neck Support)

Gear System

  • Seven performance oriented gears with gearshift paddles.
  • Comes with Porche Doppelkupplung (PDK)
  • PDK
    • 2 gear boxes in one
    • contain 2 cluches
  • For automatic gear changes contain intelligent shift program (ISP) offers more immediate and faster traction-induced upshifts and downshifts.

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