Lamborghini Gallardo Squadra Corse

One of the best selling series of Lamborghini models, Gallardo stand out as the first. Why Squadra Corse is more important and rare?. For exact model name Gallardo LP570-4 Squadra Corse where only 50 cars were made. From that 50 only 15 were specially made for US. According to some records it say 18. This car available in 4 different colors. Only Yellow made for US (I don’t know why). For some reasons it is Yellow. 

So this exact model is so rare and according to my opinion it is the most beautiful model of Gallardo. This model was the last road-legal variant of the Gallardo and the result of morphing the best elements from the weight-saving Superleggera and race-turned-road-car Super Trofeo. This is the last iteration of Gallardo.

Spec Value
Model: Gallardo LP570-4 Squadra Corse
Year: 2013
Engine: V10 , 5.2 liter
Power: 560 bhp (all wheel drive)
Weight 1340 KG
0-60mph (0-100kmh) 3.4 sec
Top Speed: 198mph (319 Kmh)
Torque 540 Nm
Body Style: Coupe
Estimated price (2019) ~ $200 000 to $250 000

The V10 engine generates 570 hp, equivalent to 419 kW, which is fully available at 8,000 rpm. The V10’s unique firing order delivers the striking sound you hear in motor racing. Like the race car, the Gallardo Squadra Corse comes as standard with the robotized e-gear six-speed transmission operated by steering wheel paddles.

When talking about tyres they are still Gallardo. 19 inch front and rear. 8 and half inches wide in the front and 11 inches wide in the back. You have enough grip on those tyres. 

About Carbon Fiber

This is Squadra Corse not normal Gallardo. So it has carbon fiber all over the car than normal Gallardo.

  • Carbon fiber mirror,
  • Carbon Fiber side skirt,
  • carbon fiber back fixed seats
  • Carbon fiber Steering wheel
  • Carbon fiber trim everywhere and more. 

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